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About Ferragudo

This beautiful fishermans village is one of the Algarve’s best places to be.

Located on the western Algarve, Ferragudo is one of the most typical villages that the Algarve has to offer.

Imagine scenes straight out of a postcard: white fishing houses dotting the hillsides, cafes bustling with locals in the village square.

The locals are friendly, often greeting passersby with warmth and smiles.

Stroll down to the quay and you’ll find restaurants offering grilled fish dishes, cooked right on the cobblestone streets.

At low tide, take a leisurely walk along the sandy beaches, surrounded by cliffs and jetties, for a unique view.

Start your adventure at Praia da Angrinha, then head towards the S. João of Arade Castle. Continue to Praia Grande, where you can enjoy beachside bars and restaurants, or even rent a kayak.

Keep going and you’ll reach Praia do Molhe, followed by Praia do Pintadinho, known for its traditional Portuguese restaurant serving fresh grilled fish.

And don’t miss the New Year’s Day tradition of taking the first dive into the water at Praia do Pintadinho!

About Ferragudo Local Beaches

One of the most luxurious and exclusive beach restaurants in the Algarve is Rei das Praias in Praia dos Caneiros.

Praia dos Caneiros is famous for its stunning views and is a popular spot for exclusive sunset parties.

As for Ferragudo’s nightlife, the bustling main square and its surroundings offer a magical atmosphere with plenty of restaurants and bars. Here, you can sample cuisine from Portugal, Italy, India, and more…


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